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Amy Shearer

Certified Coach
Amy Shearer Certified Coach

I’m Amy, founder of The Recreated, I support, educate, and guide women who are going through peri-menopause with mindset and self-healing modalities. My mission is to shift the old stigmas attached to a woman going through this third major phase of her life and to awaken her inner goddess.


I’ve always loved fashion and started off as sales associate in retail in my late twenties.  I worked my way up the ladder landing at what I thought was my ultimate goal of being a VP at a French brand. Fifteen years in I was sitting in a boardroom meeting and recognized that I was completely unfulfilled. I walked away and began my self-healing journey. I’ve since become a Master Life and Success Coach, Master Practitioner in NLP, EFT, and TIME, and a breathwork facilitator and continue to educate myself on hormones and womb healing.


I live in Kingston, NY with my husband and dog where you can find us hiking and gardening on the regular. 

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