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Checkr is a platform that combines the best in human expertise, AI, and machine learning. With fairness embedded and a focus on the candidate experience, Checkr makes it easy for people to understand reports and make fair decisions.Checkr is uniquely positioned to combat human bias in hiring that prevents candidates from being considered for gainful employment.

Background Check via Checkr

  • 1. Request a background Check 

    2. The babysitter will be notified. They have 7 days to complete the information form.

    3. The babysitter will receive a GREEN Badge if cleared.

    4. Parent/Guardian requesting the background check will be notified with results as follows: PASS or FLAGGED.

    5. If the Babysitter passed the background check, a GREEN Badge will appear next to their name. If they were flagged, the babysitter will be notified and removed from the forum. Results are private the the sitter and the parent can only request results directly from the babysitter. 

    6. Working Mom Notes may not release details of the background check results to anyone but the person being checked.

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