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Meet Ashley


Ashley is the Founder of Working Mom Notes, a supportive platform for working mothers.  She struggled finding resources as she returned to work after having her first baby.  Her goal was to connect with a few working moms and share “notes” with one another on how to navigate life as a working mother. Ashley knows that being a mom is hard in and of itself.  Add in the stresses of balancing a job and the combination can really take a toll. It's hard to find support and work through the challenges that come with being a working mom, whether it's a choice or a necessity.


Ashley uses Instagram to shed light on the day-to-day struggles and triumphs of working mothers.  She is known for providing real and raw moments to her audience.  Her goal is to build confidence in working women and help them feel they have a network of others that can relate to their lifestyle.  Also within this network, Ashley provides topics of discussion to help break stereotypes.  Examples include discussing salary gaps, work travel, maternity leave rights, post partum depression/anxiety, breastfeeding versus formula feeding, and how to set boundaries both professionally and personally.  By broaching these topics, it allows women to see they are not alone and can feel more confident in their thoughts and actions.


Ashley has a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Biology.  She worked in Manhattan for a physical therapy company as an Athletic Trainer performing sports medicine rehabilitation.  She then went on to graduate school and received a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.  She is a Physician Associate (formally Assistant) with a specialty in orthopedics and sports medicine. 


Just as her platform has grown, so has her family.  Ashley lives in New Jersey, is married and now a mother to three beautiful little girls ages six, four, and two. She currently spends her days focused entirely on Working Mom Notes and advocating for working women nationwide.

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