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Meet Ashley


Ashley, the Founder of Working Mom Notes, brings over a decade of experience in community building, both in person and online. Ashley's career started as an Athletic Trainer where the idea of teamwork and caring for others became ingrained into everyday life. With a growing passion for sports medicine, Ashley became a Physician Assistant to expand her knowledge and ability to care for people. Ashley has worked with all athletic levels from recreational to professional and Olympic athletes, caring for them during some of their most vulnerable times mentally and physically. 

Despite being in healthcare, Ashley struggled to find resources as she returned to work after having her first baby, so she leaned into what she knew how to do best: build a team. Her goal was to connect with working moms in order to share “notes” with one another on how to navigate life as a working mother. Lo and behold, she connected with hundreds of local women. Realizing that this couldn't be an isolated incident, Ashley created a social media platform that is ever-growing and now a well-established hub for career mothers.

With the birth of her third baby and the beginning of a worldwide pandemic in 2020, Ashley chose to leave healthcare to focus on Working Mom Notes. Ashley's expertise in patient-care and working with highly-motivated athletes made the transition to working with mothers and highly-motivated career women a natural one.


Working Mom Notes has become a powerful network, with over 60K followers and viral content. Ashley has been featured in major publications including The Rachel Ray Show, Bloomberg Businessweek,, The Bump, and many more. Ashley's goal is to build confidence in working women and to help them feel they have a network of others who relate to their experiences.

Ashley is an expert in research, community building, mentorship, and streamlining information. These attributes allow Ashley to fiercely advocate for working mothers in an extremely effective way.  Ashley is honed in to the logistics of working motherhood and is able to provide solution-driven resources to lighten the load.

Ashley is a Cranbury native and now lives in West Windsor, New Jersey with her husband and their three beautiful girls ages nine, six, and four. 

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