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Welcome to Childcare Connect, powered by Working Mom Notes -

A premier boutique service for parents and childcare providers local to Princeton, NJ

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As a parent, one of your most important investments is childcare. Here you will have access to an entire network of local nannies and babysitters. Utilizing those within our community is the best way to build a reliable village. Here you will find all of your childcare resources at your fingertips.

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Nannies and Babysitters

Whether you're a career nanny, a specialist in the childcare space, or a seasonal babysitter, this is the place for you. Here you can build a personal profile to showcase your skills making it easier to connect with parents and find consistent work. 

All Hands In

Emergency Childcare

The moments true community is built is in times of need and knowing there's a place to find support. Childcare Connect offers exclusive access to childcare possibilities, making it easier to get last minute coverage.

Already a Member?

Login below then click your name to reveal the members only dropdown menu.

Please note that anyone can sign up to be a site member, however access to the Childcare Connect Forum is for paying members only through the Childcare Connect Subscription.


What Comes with a Childcare Connect Subscription?

Functionality You Will Love


Background Check Capability

Parents can order discounted background checks available through Checkr. Childcare providers receive a Green Badge next to their name upon passing the requested background check.


Mobile App

The platform is available on desktop, mobile, and a free mobile app. The app also provides instant notifications for emergency childcare.


Chat Capability

Just like a Facebook DM, the Childcare Connect platform takes the best features and combines them here. When connecting via "Chat" you can communicate in live time. If the sitter isn't available, they will receive an e-mail with your message. No more messages getting lost in "requests"!



The private forum offers a customizable profile so that parents and childcare providers can share important information about themselves.


Preferred Follow Lists

Create lists of childcare providers and/or families to prioritize the pool of candidates.


Monthly Newsletter

The Childcare Connect Monthly newsletter includes key information for parents including babysitter checklists, carseat safety, water safety, nanny contracts, and more! 

Sitters: Create Your Account Here


Complete the Entry Application

The entry application is for nannies, babysitters, and specialists looking for employment. Please complete the form below for review.

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Check your email to schedule your interview

Your application will be reviewed and an email will be sent with further instructions. You are required to complete a phone interview before being granted entry into the Childcare Connect Forum.


Customize your profile

After your phone interview, we will provide you with instructions to create your account. You will receive access to the forum where you can engage with parents. Be sure to customize your profile to highlight your skillsets!

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