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Welcome to Working Mom Notes

A safe space made by career moms and moderated by experts for community and support.

- Public & Private community forums - Group meetings - Expert services

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It's time to celebrate YOU.

Our mission is to empower mothers through community and experience, enabling all to prosper in both career and motherhood.

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Working Mom Notes Mission

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I want to...

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Take Control

with our private community
providing support and connection

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Time to celebrate YOU!

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Becoming a mother changes us all. Your journey to celebrate yourself and meet others who support you begins here.

Ashley Reckdenwald

Founder and CEO of Working Mom Notes

"What a unique and fulfilling experience it was to be part of the first Working Mom Notes group!  I had the honor and pleasure of meeting 8-10 inspiring women from my community, sharing my strengths and advice, and learning from their experiences."   

Additional Free Resources

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How did motherhood and career collide for you today? Welcome to the Motherhood and Career Collide Podcast with your hosts, Kimberly and Ashley! They are 2 working moms, living on opposite coasts, on a mission to normalize what life as a modern career mom really looks like. Each episode takes you through an unexpected phase of working motherhood. They offer raw and vulnerable stories while also including fact-driven information, which offers balance as they engage in solution-oriented conversation.
With Kimberly’s experience in Corporate America and Ashley’s experience in Healthcare, they offer a large breadth of knowledge and understanding to working women in all fields. Not to mention, they’re both entrepreneurs! Kimberly is the Founder of Learning Motherhood and Ashley is the Founder of Working Mom Notes.
Although it is hard to find support and work through the challenges of being a working mom, Kimberly and Ashley shed light on topics not often discussed and they offer reassuring perspectives. Pull up a chair and join the conversation!

What's Included:

Boundaries Assessment

Yay for quizzes! Here you will discover how well you create and reinforce boundaries.

Transparent vs Solid

Here's a side-by-side view of the difference between transparent vs solid boundaries.

My Five Tips

A checklist of 5 things you can start doing now to create or reinforce boundaries.


Exercises to support you checking off those 5 tips.

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Calm to Energize with Elizabeth A guided beach visualization and meditation restore and re

Calm to Energize Meditation
A guided beach visualization and meditation: restore and recharge your inner strength and focus by letting go and grounding in the present moment. (Length: 12 mins)

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Self-Care Menu

As mothers, it's easy to put everyone else's needs before ours.  So let's prioritize your own care by offering some ideas which (when done consistently) can help you experience more patience, fulfillment, and ease in your daily life!!

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