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"What a unique and fulfilling experience it was to be part of The Emboldeners, the first Working Mom Notes Village select group!  I had the honor and pleasure of meeting 8-10 inspiring women from my community, sharing my strengths and advice, and learning from their experiences.   The weekly meetings were encouraging and intimate and I always left feeling charged up for the week ahead.   Outside of the meetings, I got acquainted more closely with a few of my teammates to forge deeper friendships and relationships.  I’m looking forward to helping my teammates in weeks and months ahead with improving their self-care, creating organizational routines at home, and decluttering and simplifying their spaces.   And I’m eager to get their mentoring on how to prioritize better, manage my time, and be a better listener.  It’s such a rare and precious experience to be with other women who are committed to elevating one another and helping one another be their best self!"

"Working Mom Notes has been a such a wonderful support for me. I work full-time and have two small children at home. WMN has provided me the opportunity to connect with other moms who understand the stress of juggling professional responsibilities as well as personal responsibilities. I have appreciated having women in similar situations as sounding boards and love the diversity of personalities, backgrounds, ideas, and opinions. Joining WMN has been one of the most positive things that I have done for myself in a long while."

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