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Welcome to Working Mom Notes! Here you will find resources and support to help you navigate life as a working mother.

After the birth of my first child, I searched high and low for a site like this. I had so many questions and felt so unprepared to return to the workforce while leaving my 3-month old in daycare 9-10 hours each day. It was painful emotionally to endure the daily grind of life as a working mom not to mention learning how to physically develop a new level of stamina to withstand the demands of work and mothering.

This site will be a hub for all things related to working motherhood. My job is to streamline the information out there and present it to you in an informative and manageable way. Consider it your Cliff's Notes.

I don't consider myself a writer and will use the blog feature mostly to present guest bloggers. If you're interested in contributing, please reach out to me!

I am extremely excited to finally provide to you everything I hoped I could have known and all the things I continue to learn as life as a working mom.

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