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Updated: Jan 23

Welcome to Working Mom Notes Blog! Here you will find research-driven think pieces

advocacy for working women involving barricades, maternity leave, discrimination, childcare, salary transparency, and more.

After the birth of my first child, I searched high and low for a site like this. I had so many questions and felt so unprepared to return to the workforce while leaving my 3-month old in daycare 9-10 hours each day. It was painful emotionally to endure the daily grind of life as a working mom not to mention learning how to physically develop a new level of stamina to withstand the demands of work and mothering.

This site will be a hub for working parents and this blog is an outlet where I get to combine my science and medical degrees with my creative side. I love to streamline information out there and present it to you in an informative and manageable way. Consider it your Cliff's Notes. Thanks for being here!

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